Wrong Words

Is it possible that something keeping you happy,

Also makes you fed up and done?

Well, is it possible that ‘that something’ turns out,

To be not a something but a someone?


Suppose, a conversation happens rarely,

Somewhere around once a week.

You have your distance to constantly blame,

For the tears rolling down your cheek.


Your heart tries hard to beat out of its chest,

As if the fresh air seemed so scarce.

But “that’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt”,

As stated in John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars.


Tonight was awfully far from the usual,

Words from our mouths didn’t come out right.

Each syllable we said that slipped from our lips,

Made it turn more into a fight.


The worst part is just the excruciating wait,

As excitements seem to kick in.

But by the end of our weekly-late-night-talk,

Our patience stars to run thin.


By this time, the choice of words aren’t focused on,

We babble all that’s in our head.

But trying to prove your points gets you nowhere,

If you want to take back all that you’ve said.


Tonight, the words were more than action,

And tonight was a complete mess.

And I’ve let you down and I want you back,

But I’m positive you couldn’t care less.


    • Awww thank you ❤ Well, I love him and his books to death! 😀

      • TFIOS, especially!

      • omg same! I love Augustus Waters ❤ It's such a quotable book too! 😀

      • Oh God, Augustus Waters is to die forrrrr!!!!!


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