What’d You Expect?

I’d love to tip toe and cup your face

And just stare at your brown eyes.

Has anyone ever told you that,

you’re wonderful, attitude-wise?

Your fingers, as they run your hair,

Move in such a perfect pace.

It’s not so fast and not too slow,

Making time for your heart to race.

Have I mentioned that your knobby knees,

don’t disturb me a bit?

The way I think you really are something

Makes you and I a perfect fit.

And the cologne sticking to your shirt,

passes through my nose.

The way we hug and the way that smell,

Starts to stick on my clothes.

I almost had that and I was close,

But there were so many I wanted to do.

Like if we met earlier and confessed how I felt,

Possibilities are: I would’ve had you.

Your fingers would’ve ran through my hair

And you would’ve liked cupping my face.

The smell of my cologne and my knobby knees,

Just would’ve made your heart race.

You would’ve said, ‘I’m so glad I have you’.

And it’d be easier if I didn’t expect.

By the end, you found me as someone ‘alright’,

When I thought of you as perfect.

  1. Beautiful poem! I adore the last 2 lines, brilliant. 😀

    • Thank you!!!!!! You’re a sweetheart ❤ That definitely made my day 🙂

  2. Very nice, I will follow your blog, thanks for your comment -hope you will follwo my blog as well. Beebeesworld

    • Thank you so much for following! 💛 Sure will definitely check your blog out and follow you back 🙂

  3. This one’s just amazing! Good work! Will keep following for more, hoping the same from you!

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