Monthly Archives: June 2012

To me, you are the favorite line on the page of my favorite book.

To me, you are the kind of love that sparks on the first look.

To me, your beautiful big brown eyes remind me of sun on Doris Day.

To me, you’re the feeling of finding the word you can’t explain but want to say.


To you, I am not even slightly close, I’m not your favorite line.

To you, I’m the love that feels just right but happens on the wrong time.

To you, my normal dark brown eyes aren’t even worth remembering.

To you, I am the kind of words you stop yourself from listening.


To me, you mean a million bucks and to you, I mean a cent.

To me, you crashed and changed my life. To you, I made a dent.

I’ll come clean and out with it, admitting it’s you to blame.

To me, I only hope that you had wished we felt the same.

I love you forever and I promise you that,
my future baby boy.

I’ll put my arms around you and slowly cradle forth and back.
Preparations done months before and sure there’s nothing you will lack.
Eyes fixed on you for quite some time, so sorry in advance.
Imagine a lifetime supply of happiness that fits perfectly in your hands.
Your eyes, still shut,  just waiting to face the world and to belong.
You’ll cuddle your body around me gently to make sure nothing goes wrong.
I’ll stare at you, so endlessly with our bodies holding each other.
The second handsomest boy I’ve seen next to your own father.
Your hair’ll be a beautiful Sepia, the same color as your dad’s.
Your eyes will have a slightly darker shade than the ones I had.
And sweetie, your smile will make every single person want to look,
And a little curve will form on your lips when I read your favorite book.
Your tiny baby feet and hands smaller than a bar of soap,
To me and your dad, you are one amazing copious amount of hope.
Your fingernails and toenails, still shorter than half a pin
Still forced to grab a towel to wipe all that drool off your chin.
The next couple of weeks after, you’ll learn to open your eyes,
You’ll squint a little then shut them once more but you know I know that you try.
Your hand will grip my pinky tight and walking, you’ll finally master.
Your first words will be mom or dad and you’ll start getting wiser.
Soon, the jumpers in your closet will be thrown and then replaced.
And you finally belong and happily fit in with the world, successfully faced.
Soon, you will write letters to someone you haven’t met but means the world.
‘I love you forever and I promise you that, my future baby girl’.