To me, you are the favorite line on the page of my favorite book.

To me, you are the kind of love that sparks on the first look.

To me, your beautiful big brown eyes remind me of sun on Doris Day.

To me, you’re the feeling of finding the word you can’t explain but want to say.


To you, I am not even slightly close, I’m not your favorite line.

To you, I’m the love that feels just right but happens on the wrong time.

To you, my normal dark brown eyes aren’t even worth remembering.

To you, I am the kind of words you stop yourself from listening.


To me, you mean a million bucks and to you, I mean a cent.

To me, you crashed and changed my life. To you, I made a dent.

I’ll come clean and out with it, admitting it’s you to blame.

To me, I only hope that you had wished we felt the same.

  1. Oh Max, this is rather heartbreaking, but I guess that means you did a fine job with this poem! We’ve all been there before so I can totally relate here. Still, I really enjoyed this, thanks! 🙂

    • Yeah, going through a rough patch, i guess. Thanks a bunch ❤

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