Monthly Archives: July 2012

I’ll tell you where it all started, definitely not first day of class.

Both you and I had co-existed, face-to-face but always passed.

Every class, every orientation, I had picked the wrong chair.

We had picked seats so far, I barely noticed you were there.


I’ll tell you where it started, it began with being late.

It began with coincidences, not destiny or fate.

I ran into English 1, two big bags hung on each shoulder.

One more seat left in the room, I hurriedly make my way over.


I return a smile back to the boy who sits right next to me.

He’s talkative, good with words, makes opening up seem so easy.

You give me those butterflies of what people in novels feel.

Except, this is infinity times better cos what you’ve given me is real.


From someone I barely knew, you now take up most of my brain.

You make me so damn happy and it’s driving me insane.

To think- what are the actual chances of being able to meet,

The right boy at the right time, sitting on the right seat?




We separated, spread like dandeloin seeds throungh wind.

Our love, that used to aim on forever had started slowly growing thin.

Midnight conversations with you had turned to noises of the fan,

as tears drop slowly and hurriedly, collecting themselves on my hand.


I heard about writer’s block but this doesn’t seem like it.

You’re in my mind 24/7, right words for poems don’t start to fit.

I start to write from my beat-up heart, instead of using my brain.

The feeling of your guts being twisted and the feeling of going insane.


On the other hand, this is good. People seem to be afraid.

The lies start packing on one another, not noticing the truth started to fade.

I will always write current feelings, no one can tell me other wise.

What makes a poem good is when it’s full of reality, not the lies.


I’ll feel this way about you and you’ll feel different about me,

You were strong enough to let go and I never found it easy.

But life happened, it doesn’t matter why we  had parted,

Thank you because at some point, you were exactly what I needed.