Monthly Archives: September 2012

I could tell you life is beautiful but at times, it gets rough.

I could tell you that you and I are close but never close enough.

It’s like packing a banana but not knowing how to peel.

It might sound insane, just as compatible to how I feel.

Best friends for almost 2 years and hopefully something more.

With any luck, I hope it’s me that you’ve been looking for.

As of now, I’ll love you, as a friend and you’ll love me just the same.

I’ve never felt this way before and you’re the one to blame.

Movie marathons, writing on your arm, listing restaurants for our next meet,

Wishing you meant your i love you’s, as I quietly sit on the passenger seat.

And maybe in 10 years, you’ll realize how we both fit, like a glove.

Maybe, by then you’ll give what I’ve given you, maybe you’ll give me love.